The Department of Biology and Geology offers an ongoing seminar series throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Our speakers join Department of Biology and Geology undergraduate research students in offering an in-depth series of seminars that provide the latest information on a wide array of topics. All seminars take place in SCI 327 from 1:00-2:15 pm.

Seminar Schedule




Aug. 30

Professor Brad Reinhart, USC Aiken

Laboratory Safety Training

Sep. 6

Dr. Todd Pierson, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

Reticulate evolution and reproductive polymorphism in lungless salamanders

Sep. 13

Dr. Stuart Gordon, Presbyterian College

The effects of dietary iron on fish gut microbiome composition

Sep. 20

Dr. Christopher Walker, Savannah River National Laboratory

An overview of SRS surface water flow monitoring

Sep. 27

Dr. Brian Stansfield, Augusta University

The lifelong effects of early life

Oct. 4

Dr. Brandon Carpenter, Emory University

Gifts from Mom: A story of how maternal reprogramming specifies germline versus somatic cell fate

Oct. 11

No Seminar – Fall Break


Oct. 18

Ms. Claudia Fulmer, PhD Candidate, Augusta University

Campylobacter jejuni digualylate cyclase CbrR regulates mobility

Oct. 25

Dr. Jay Pinkney, Baruch Institute

Three short stories: phytoplankton in bioluminescent lagoons, antimicrobial responses, and long-term trends in North Inlet Estuary

Nov. 1

Mr. Jay Cumbee, USDA APHS Wildlife Services

USDA’s wildlife disease management activities in SC

Nov. 8

Dr. Mark Ruder, University of Georgia, SCWDS

Hemorrhagic disease on deer: What have we learned?

Nov. 15

Senior Capstone Seminar


Nov. 22

Senior Capstone Seminar


Nov. 29

No Class – Thanksgiving Holiday


Dec. 6

Senior Capstone Seminar