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Department of Biology and Geology

The Department of Biology and Geology offers an ongoing seminar series throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Our speakers join Department of Biology and Geology undergraduate research students in offering an in-depth series of seminars that provide the latest information on a wide array of topics. 

All seminars take place in SCI 327 from 1:00-2:30 pm.

Spring 2022 Seminar Schedule

Date Presenter Title

Jan. 14

No Seminar

No Seminar

Jan. 28

Austin Worden, PhD Candidate; University of South Carolina

The Role of the Microenvironment in the Signaling of Adipose-derived Stem Cells

Feb. 4

Daymond Parrilla, PhD Candidate; John Hopkins

A novel and extensive analysis of the latent brain reservoir within long-term ART suppressed SIVmac251-infected macaques

Feb. 11

Brad Reinhart

William Jackson

General Safety Training

Biosafety Training

Feb. 18

Paul Langridge, PhD; Augusta University

Engineering customizable cell-cell signaling in vivo

Feb. 25

Shailesh VanDerSteeg, PhD; USC Columbia

Controls on floodplain circulation dynamics

Mar. 4

Adi Dubash, PhD; Furman University

Control of cell spreading and migration by the desmosomal cadherin Desmoglein-2

Mar. 11

Spring Break

No Seminar

Mar. 18

Erin Meyer-Gotbrod, PhD; USC Columbia

Impacts and interactions of climate change and policy on the endangered North Atlantic right whale population

Mar. 25

Emily Webb, PhD Candidate; Virginia Tech University

Cross-reactivity among closely related alphaviruses elucidates defense strategies for viral emergence

Apr. 1

No Seminar

No Seminar

Apr. 8

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Senior Seminar Presentations

Apr. 15

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Senior Seminar Presentations

Apr. 22

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Senior Seminar Presentations