What is C2CR?

Employers continue to indicate the need for particular skills from new graduates, such as the abilities to verbally communicate with people inside and outside the organization, make decisions and solve problems, and work within a team structure. These abilities or “soft skills” as they are often referred to, have recently become a topic of conversation as the business sector has begun to question how prepared college students are upon graduation to enter the workforce. C2CR questions how prepared college graduates are to enter the workforce. C2CR is a program developed through a partnership between USC Aiken, the State Chamber of Commerce, and the business community. It’s designed to prepare students for entry into the workforce after graduation. Through informative workshops throughout the academic year, students will be better prepared to transition into employment positions and utilize the skills employers want.

Why participate in C2CR?

Employers often mention that they want to hire graduates who stand out. By obtaining the C2CR certificate, you are demonstrating to an employer that you will take that extra step to prepare yourself to succeed in the workplace. This program prepares students in those areas that may not be covered in their classes by having business professionals share their real world advice. 

Certificate in Career Readiness

Any workshops completed will be beneficial, but a student completing eight different workshops before their graduation will receive a certificate in Career Readiness.


Ahmed Samaha

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Life




Corey Feraldi

Director of Career Services



C2CR Workshops