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Campus Auxiliary and Support Services

-  How do I get a key for my desk or file cabinet?

A -  Campus Auxillary & Support Services maintains some spare keys and, if available, are free of charge.  Simply call with the key number needed (located on the lock itself) to see if one is available.  If one is not available, simply complete a PR with the key number and number of keys required and send it to Purchasing, Box 48.  There will be a small charge to have the key cut.

Q -  Can I purchase stamps at the University Mail Room?

A -  The Mail Room does not stock individual stamps for sale.  However, individual stamps (and books) may be purchased at the Bookstore.

Q -  How long do I have to keep documents?

A  -  The law requires documents to be retained for a period of time, depending upon the document type.  To view a detailed listings of retention requirement, follow this link:

Q -  Can I buy items at any store?

 -  As a State Agency, we are mandated to utilize state term contracts.  Should you need help identifying whether an item is on state contract, please contact the Purchasing Office for assistance.  Goods and Services contracts can be viewed at this site:

Information Technology contracts may be viewed by following this site:

 -  A vending machine took my money and did not dispense and product.  How do I get my money back?

 -  In the event you fall victim to a money hungry, non-product dispensing vending machine, refunds can be obtained in the following locations:  Business Services (Penland 114), Etherredge Center Box Office, Student Life and Service Offices (SAC).