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FedEx Mailing Procedures

Campus Auxiliary and Support Services

Sending Packages 
All packages must be received by the Mailroom no later than 10:00 am to ensure a pick up for that day. Any packages received after that time may risk the chance of not being picked up until the next business day. Currently, there is a drop-off box located at Aiken Regional Medical Center with a scheduled daily pickup time of 5:00 pm in the event that a package cannot meet the Mailroom deadline.  Packages that are being sent from the USC Aiken Mailroom must have all the proper paperwork completed before a pick-up can be arranged. Pick-up slips and envelopes may be obtained through the USC Aiken Mailroom.

Departments may go online here and easily create a label and pay with the campus Purchasing Card. Attach the label to your package and place it in your mail bin for pickup by the mailroom (11 a.m.) or hand deliver to the mailroom.

Receiving Packages 
For packages received after the normal morning mail run, the USC Aiken mail clerk will notify anyone receiving certified mail, express mail, or next-day mail upon its arrival.  At this time the receiver will have the option for the package to be delivered with the next scheduled regular mail delivery or to pick it up in person at the mailroom.

For all packages using DPS/FedEx Overnight/FedEx Ground/DHL/USPS Packages must use the shipping address as:

650 Trolley Line Road
Graniteville, SC 29829

Please ensure your name and department are included in the information being received by the mailroom.