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Pickup / Delivery Schedule

Campus Auxiliary and Support Services

The USC Aiken Mailroom operates within the department of Campus Auxiliary & Support Services, providing postal services including daily pick-up and delivery of all inter-campus and USPS mail.   The mail clerk will pick up incoming US mail from the US Post Office at 8:00am Monday through Friday.  The US Mail and the interdepartmental mail, which was collected the proceeding afternoon, will be sorted according to department, office and/or area and delivered to the designated drop centers in each building. 

The morning delivery is controlled by the volume of incoming mail and the amount of time needed to complete the sorting process, however, it will usually be delivered between 10:00am and 11:00am.  UPS and FEDEX packages are delivered and tracked to the department from which they were ordered and a signature is required upon delivery. 

All outgoing mail should be accompanied with a departmental mailing slip.  Each slip must have a department name, account/fund number, total number of pieces, mailing detail and preparers’ signature.