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Procedures for Outgoing Mail

Campus Auxiliary and Support Services

  • All departments should have outgoing mail prepared and ready for pick up at 11 a.m.
  • Stamped and metered mail should be separated from unstamped mail and sorted into stacks of local, out-of-town, or out-of-country. Each stack should be banded and labeled accordingly.
  • Postage paid mail should be separated from other mail and banded.
  • Unstamped mail should be sorted according to local (298,308, or 309) and out-of-town, counted, stacked, and banded with flaps closed or sealed and labeled with the number of pieces and account number (Use Mailing Label). Oversized packages/parcels must be sealed before processing.
  • The address label on oversized envelopes should indicate the desired class of mail and be sorted according to zip code and then banded and labeled with the number of pieces and account number. (Use Mailing Label)
  • USC Aiken Campus mail should be enclosed in a standard campus mail envelope with the addressee's name, department, and the USCA box number on the front. Campus mail should be sorted and banded.
  • Mail that is outgoing and hand-delivered to the mailroom after 1:00 p.m., after authorized collections have been made, may not be processed until the following day.
  • Mail that is delivered to the mailroom for processing without being prepared properly will be returned to the department. This will delay processing mail until the next day. For repeat offenders, a reminder will be sent to the supervisor of the department.
  • Mass-produced memos, news releases, reports, etc. should be delivered to the mailroom with specific instructions, i.e., all USCA employees, administrators only, faculty only, etc.
  • The USC Aiken mail clerk will notify anyone receiving certified mail, express mail, or next-day mail upon its arrival. At this time the receiver will decide if it is to be delivered with the regular mail or if they would like to pick it up in person at the mailroom.