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Purchasing Cards

Campus Auxiliary and Support Services

The State of South Carolina has secured a contract for a purchasing card to be used for legitimate University business. This simplified the purchasing process for departments and can be done with less paperwork than other methodologies. 

With the approval of the department head, a purchasing card will be issued to an individual (there are no departmental cards) who must be a University employee. Each card will have a default University account number and class code. Each card has set parameters as to monthly credit availability ($5,000.00) and single transaction amount ($2,500.00). There is a departmental liaison assigned to each credit card with authority to change the account charged if necessary. Software is provided to the liaison to process all changes as well as monitor expenditures Training is required for both the cardholder and departmental liaison prior to receiving a purchasing card. 

All documentation of purchases (sales slips, receipts, packing lists, etc.) and monthly statements must be reconciled and maintained for internal and external audit. The Purchasing Department will pay the purchasing card charges each month and, by electronic upload, all charges will be made against the accounts specified by the liaison for each card. 

University of South Carolina Purchasing Card