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Move Equipment / Furniture

Campus Auxiliary and Support Services

Request to Move Equipment and Furniture 

The following steps should be taken when requesting equipment or furniture to be moved or stored in the warehouse. Advance approval is required before equipment or furniture is brought over to the warehouse to ensure adequate storage space is available. Please email Ray Bolen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. Complete a Form 7 Property/Furniture Turn-in/Transfer Request Form. 
  2. Once approval has been received from the Warehouse Manager, take the equipment/furniture to the warehouse located in the Supply & Maintenance Center, Room 100 along with the completed Form 7.   
  3. If transport of equipment is needed, complete a work order request for Custodial Services to pick up equipment for removal from your area and for delivery to the warehouse.

    Work Order Request Form
  4. Equipment will be screened by a SC State Screener and will either be deemed as surplus or junk.  Surplus equipment will be picked up by the State to be sold and items deemed as junk will be disposed or recycled by warehouse personnel.