Students conversing at the gym

Pacer Wellness Committee

Campus Recreation & Wellness

The Mission of the Pacer Wellness Committee is to provide leadership in the study and promotion of wellness for students, faculty and staff in concert with the goals of "Healthy Campus 2030".  The USC Aiken Pacer Wellness Committee consists of faculty, staff and student representatives across campus.

To meet this mission the Committee will:

  1. Study health-related data for the campus.
  2. Study the Healthy Campus 2030 document to identify objectives for the Committee to strive towards.
  3. Identify current health related programs occurring on campus.
  4. Develop and implement programming and promotion initiatives that enhance student success.
  5. Conduct research and assessment activities on implementing programmatic initiatives.
  6. Monitor the University's health-related data and report on the status of accomplishing the designed Healthy Pacer objectives.
  7. Share information related to the above objectives with the campus Senior Administration.