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Pacer Cup

Campus Recreation & Wellness

Pacer Cup: All-Campus Championship

The Pacer Cup is a year-long competition open to any student organization, academic group, resident hall, or group of friends that participates in Intramural Sports.The point system is used to award an all-campus team champion in the Men’s and Women’s leagues. The Pacer Cup is divided into League and Tournament sports categories. A team accumulates points throughout the year through the following system:

League Sports: Flag Football, 6v 6 Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, 5v5Basketball, Softball and Outdoor  Soccer

Participation = 100 points
Regular season win = 25 points
First place: 80 points
Second Place: 40 Points

Sportsmanship:  (all games played including the playoffs)

Average of 4 = 50 points
Average of 3.5-3.99 = 25 point
Average of 3.49-3.00 = 15 points
Average of 2.0-2.99 = 5 points
Average of < 2.0 = -25 points

Forfeits: Two forfeits eliminate that team from the league. All points gained during the season in that particular sport are lost. When one forfeit occurs a team will lose 25 % of their points for that sport.

Team Tournament Sports

Participation= 50 points
Win= 10 points
First place: 50 points
Second place: 25 points

Individual Tournament Sports:

Participation = 5 points  
Win = 5 points
First place: 25 points
Second place: 15 points

A maximum of 5 singles participants can be applied to one team. 

To receive points for the all-campus championship, teams must inform the Intramural Sports Staff at time of registration that you want your participation to be added to the all-campus point system.

Teams will not be allowed to receive points for their team after a tournament has been completed if they did not ask to accumulate their tournament points during registration. A permanent plaque/trophy will be presented to the Pacer Cup Champions at the conclusion of the academic year (the team with the highest point total for the year). The plaque will be on permanent display in the Student Activities Center.

A team must participate in at least four (4) Intramural Sports per semester to be eligible for the All Campus Championship Trophy.