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Missing or Stolen Cards

CarolinaCard (ID)

Missing or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the CarolinaCard office (1- 803-777-1708) or reported 24 hours a day at

Once notified, we will block your CarolinaCard, preventing unauthorized usage. If you notify our office within two business days after you learn that your card has been lost or stolen, your maximum liability is $50. If you notify us after two days, but within 60 days, your maximum liability is $500. If you notify us after 60 days, your liability is unlimited.

Replacement cards are $25 and can be obtained at the University Police office during normal business hours. Once a new card is made, previous cards cannot be re- activated nor will the $25 fee be rescinded.

Please remember that your CarolinaCard is also your official University ID. It is not transferable (to another person) and must be returned upon request. Because misuse of cards may have a negative impact on both students and the institution in general, students are expected to protect their card and abide by all terms and conditions associated with the use of the CarolinaCard as student identification as found in the Student Handbook, the Carolina Community, found here.