All Past Award Recipients

Anne Tyler: Southern Writer or Not?

Kiri Dunlap, Senior, English Major

Mentor(s) : Dr. Tom Mack, Department of English

2009-2010 Magellan Scholar

Assessing Resilience in Children with Trauma Histories

Colby Nicole Moseley, Senior, Psychology Major

Mentor(s) : Dr. Beverly Fortson, Department of Psychology

2007-2008 Magellan Scholar

Assessing the Need for a Trityl Group as a Steric Buttress to Initiate a Diels-A

Chitravati Choony, Lukas Earhart, Jeremy Fulmer, Trevian Loveless

Mentor(s) : Dr. Nandeo Choony

2014-2015 Research Day Award

Autism spectrum resources in the community of the CSRA

Emily Jones, Senior, Sociology Major

Mentor(s) : Dr. Michelle Petrie, Department of Sociology

2016 / 2017 Connections Award

Bioaccumulation of Mercury in Crayfish Inhabiting an Aquatic Retention System

Jeremy Hargis, Biology Major

Mentor(s) : Brad Reinhart

2014-2015 Research Day Award