The Center for Student Achievement

  • We assist students in developing educational and life goals
  • We help students develop plans to attain their goals
  • We work with students so that they understand that they have the ultimate responsibility for their goals and plans
  • We help students identify and assess alternatives and consequences of their decisions

The Power of Academic Advising

Few experiences in students' post-secondary career have as much potential for influencing their development as does academic advising. Through regular contact with students, whether face-to-face, through the mail, on the telephone, or through computer mediated systems, advisors gain meaningful insights into students' academic, social, and personal experiences and needs.

The Core Values

"Students deserve dependable, accurate, respectful, honest, friendly, and professional service. In order to serve students well, academic advisors understand that they are responsible to many constituents who comprise our academic communities. This is the foundation upon which the following Core Values rest.

  • Advisors are responsible to the students and individuals they serve.
  • Advisors are responsible for involving others, where appropriate, in the advising process.
  • Advisors are responsible to the college or university in which they work
  • Advisors are responsible to higher education generally
  • Advisors are responsible to the community (including the local, state, and region in which the institution is located)."
-From the National Academic Advising Association's statement on Core Values