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Early Warning

Center for Student Achievement

Early Warning Information for Faculty and Teaching Staff  

The Attendance and Early Warning Report System is a great way to notify students if you have concerns about their attendance, academic performance (including test grades and class participation) or if you'd like to encourage them to visit the Center for Student Achievement for a personalized academic consultation.

Early warning reports are now submitted via TutorTrac. To log on to TutorTrac, please visit

Submitting a report for your student is quick and easy! Just log on to TutorTrac with your USC Aiken username and password and then click "Submit Attendance and Early Warning Report" under your course. You can then click the arrow beside a student's name, check any box that applies, and then scroll to the bottom and click submit. View detailed submission instructions here.

    What is the Early Warning Process?

  1. An instructor visits and submits an Attendance and Early Warning Form to the Center for Student Achievement online.

  2. The student immediately receives an email notifying him/her of the instructor's concerns. Any information from checked boxes on the form are included in the student's email. Notes that the faculty members write on the form are not included in the automatic email. However, students do have access to view the notes if they log on to TutorTrac and the CSA may share the notes with students.

  3. Depending on the type of concern and recommendations made by the faculty member, the Center for Student Achievement may contact the student for follow-up. We begin by contacting the student via personal phone calls. If we cannot reach the student, we try other methods of contact, which may include emails, letters, or even visits (if the students lives on campus).

  4. If/When the Center for Student Achievement makes contact with the student, we will update notes on the early warning report that we received. Faculty can log on to TutorTrac and click their course roster, choose a student, and view updates under the SAGE tab.

  5. Faculty members are also encouraged to follow up with students and the Center for Student Achievement if they have any questions or concerns.

Faculty and Staff members who have concerns about students can always contact the Center for Student Achievement at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..