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Time Management

Center for Student Achievement

Make the Most of Your Time

The most successful UofSC Aiken students are those who are able to balance their classes, assignments, and activities, and manage their time effectively. To better manage your time, identify a time management system that is best for you and then use that system to plan your class assignments, activities, and tasks that need to be accomplished. Use the steps below to guide you.

Time Management Tactics

  1. Set goals
    • What do you want to accomplish today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this year?
    • Prioritize your goals using the “ABC” method (A=High, B=Medium, C=Low).
    • Develop an action plan detailing how you will go about achieving your goals (be sure to include a timeline).
  1. Avoid procrastination
    • Divide any task into smaller, more manageable parts, and then begin with one of the parts.
    • Set (and keep) deadlines for completing projects.
    • Keep your focus!
  1. Minimize interruptions
    • Before beginning your homework, make sure you have all necessary materials.
    • Schedule time to meet with friends to minimize the chance of any unexpected visits.
    • If a necessary interruption occurs, make time to handle it.
  1. Manage telephone and computer time
    • Don’t talk on the phone while you are studying.
    • Avoid emailing or instant messaging friends when you are on the computer working on an assignment.
    • Schedule time to return calls and email messages, and stick to it!
  1. Use a planner
    • Find a time management system that works best for you, and use it on a regular basis.
    • Make daily “to-do” lists in your planner, and check off items as you complete them.
    • Write down all important information in your planner, including classes, assignments, work, free-time, and campus activities.