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Mission & Objectives

Communication and Emerging Media

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Communication Department Mission

We help each student understand how fundamental theories, principles, and practices apply in many communication contexts such as interpersonal, groups, organizations, cultures, and the mass media.

Educational Objectives

The specific educational objectives of the Communication Department's core curriculum, areas of emphasis, and elective courses are to provide students with systematic learning experiences to develop their abilities to communicate effectively, think critically, work effectively with others, and make ethical decisions. Upon completing the communication degree program, students will demonstrate competence in the curriculum’s primary categories of knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Department of Communication Goals

Goal 1 : Students will demonstrate critical thinking, analytical, and evaluative skills. 
Goal 2 : Students will demonstrate research abilities to gather and synthesize information and share results with others. 
Goal 3 : Students will apply knowledge of communication principles and theories. 
Goal 4 : Students will demonstrate interpersonal communication competence.   
Goal 5 : Students will demonstrate competence in public presentation. 
Goal 6 : Students will demonstrate competence in written communication. 
Goal 7 : Students will demonstrate competence in visual communication.