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If you are requesting a Peer Education Healthy 4 Life Program, please complete the following form a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the anticipated date.

About Peer Educator Programs

Breathe In… Breathe Out!
Stress and college go hand in hand but it does not have to overtake your world if you learn how to manage it on a daily basis.  This program will give you tools and strategies to deal with the stressors that are a part of college life.  Practice how to breathe in and breathe out to give your body and mind the ability to be healthy and productive.

Fun Items for this program:  Stress balls, hot tea, sleep masks
Space Requirements: Classroom space, ability to move tables/chairs, video screen or TV

Be PacerFit
Physical Activity is vital to a healthy body and mind.  Learn how to add activity into your busy schedule and how it impacts your overall health and well-being.

Fun items for this program: Exercise bands, Music speakers, water, healthy snacks such as apples, oranges, peanut butter, bananas
Space Requirements:  Floor space to move, can request use of the Studio in the Wellness Center

You Are What You Eat
Sugar is everywhere!  This program is geared to giving you easy tips on eating healthier as a college student.  Learn what is in the common foods by understanding food labels and what are healthier alternatives for you to choose.

Fun items for this program: healthy snacks such as fruit, greek yogurt, water, almonds, peanut butter
Space Requirements:  Classroom space, video/TV capability

What’s In Your Cup?
Alcohol and college seem to be in the same sentence.  Learn facts about how alcohol affects the body, how much is too much and what else accompanies this choice by playing What’s in Your Cup Jeopardy.

Fun items for this program: Mocktails, Beer Goggles
Space Requirements: Classroom space, TV/Video capability

Sex and College Life
This program is designed to give basic information about sex and the risks involved when making that decision. During this program we play sex jeopardy and have a condom demonstration. Information about general sex statistics, consent, sexual assault, drinking and sex, STI’s, and birth control will be delivered to the audience.

Fun items for this program: healthy snacks, water
Space Requirement: Classroom space, TV/Video capability