School, College, and Department Policies

Some schools, colleges, and departments may have specific policies for their discipline. Your instructor may include the specifics in the course syllabus. If you are experiencing any hardship and cannot make a deadline, you MUST inform your professor via email as soon as possible, i.e., BEFORE the assignment is due. That way the instructor will be notified of your situation in real-time. It remains the instructor's discretion on how he/she wishes to handle a situation.

University Policies

Students in this course should be familiar with the university policies on Academic Responsibility contained in the Student Handbook. This publication shall guide actions taken in response to violations of academic responsibility.

For detailed information on student policies, please review the USC Aiken Student Handbook. These policies include drop procedures, Academic Honor Code, Academic Code of Conduct, American with Disabilities Act, Academic Integrity, Plagiarism, and Electronic Communication Policy.

Students are expected to adhere to the strictest standards of academic honesty. Each student should review the Academic Code of Conduct in its entirety in the USC Aiken Student Handbook. This code strictly prohibits bribery, cheating, lying, and plagiarism. The university catalog outlines a range of sanctions. You should obtain this document and read it carefully.