Online Testing and Assignment Rules

Note: Please be reminded that these are generic to online courses and that you must adhere to any rules and policies listed on your professor's course schedule.

General Rules:

  • Your computer and connection MUST be reliable.

  • For each assessment (quiz/test/exam) you will be given certain windows of time opportunities that the assessment is available.  For instance, if an assessment is “open” for a certain 5-day period that means you will have to take the assessment during that time frame.

  • Once you begin an assessment you will be given a certain amount of time to finish it before it “closes” for you. During the “open” time, you WILL be able to go back to questions that you need to “re-think” or contemplate further.

  • You will NOT be able to save or print assessment questions.

  • Do NOT wait till the last minute to take an assessment!  It is preferable to take it early in the week so that you can go on to that week’s readings and assignments. 

  • Do NOT get behind in this course. It will be very difficult to catch up.


When applied to test-taking, these standards include the following… YOU MUST:

  • Work alone and without notes or other resources as you take each of the assessments in this course. Most of the questions are critical-thinking type questions, not just note information to memorize, so answering a question correctly will entail true understanding of the content. Thus using forbidden “helpers” such as cheat sheets will not be particularly helpful anyway.

  • Maintain assessment security by not discussing the questions with your peers or attempting to copy the assessments in any way. Remember, you may know other students who have not yet taken courses with with a particular instructor. If you discuss assessment questions or its content with these students, this is a violation of assessment security, and will result in being reported for academic dishonesty.

  • Report breaches of honestyIf you know of dishonest behavior occurring you are ethically bound to report it.

  • Final note on this subject: The university takes assessment security very seriously. Violations in assessment security are considered not just academic violations, but ethical violations, which are especially unacceptable for future professionals.

Missed Assessment Policies:

  • Assessments must be completed within the designated time windows (see Course Schedule). You will be reminded about an upcoming assessment on the Course Schedule and detailed instructions will be provided on the Assessments link on the Course Menu for each assessment.

Missed Assignment Policies:

  • Assignments must be submitted by the designated location and by the designated time, which will be detailed in each assignment and on the Course Schedule.

  • For assignments that are not submitted, the student will receive a grade of 0%.

  • Late submissions: If the student contacts the professor by email before the assignment is due and has an acceptable excuse, that assignment might be accepted late, with points deducted. This will only be allowed once.

Professional Conduct on Discussion Boards and Social Media Sites:  Where applicable, you are expected to conduct yourselves professionally in the online environment. Your instructor may provide addition expectations on his/her course syllabus.