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Wondering if USC Aiken is the right fit for you? Let our students tell you why they love it here and you will too.

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Lauren Wexler

Senior Psychology Major

USC Aiken has become my second home from home! The experiences I’ve made and the people I’ve met have made my time here so far unforgettable. As a psychology major, my professors dedicate much of their time to ensuring my success in reaching my degree. Their individual personalities and teaching styles make learning such a fun and easy environment. I have also had the great pleasure of playing for Coach Poole and Coach Alicia on the USC Aiken softball team. My teammates are one of a kind and they made my transition from my junior college so welcoming. I can’t wait to see where the future takes me here at USCA!

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Yannis Wome

Senior Marketing Major

In January 2020, I transferred from Newberry College to USC Aiken. I liked the campus the first time I saw it, and I was impressed by what I learned about the business department, which had a strong reputation. My junior and senior years were spent here, and I participated in two soccer seasons. Those two seasons did not go as planned since we did not accomplish our team and individual goals, but I grew as a person because of my exposure to adversity.

During my time at Aiken, I met some wonderful people who contributed to a positive experience. Academically, I learned a lot in my subjects, which helped me get and sustain good grades.

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Julie Reibsome

Senior Business Administration Major

For a long time, my biggest regret was dropping out of high school. I was a senior in an online high school program in Florida while working two jobs and there were not enough hours in the day to support all three. I chose to drop my education. It was a hard choice and I'll never know what would have happened if I chose differently, but it felt like the right choice. Watching all the Facebook posts of my friends graduating high school and going to college still stung.

I eventually got married and had a beautiful son. At 22 I decided I wanted to make myself and my family proud by getting my GED. I studied hard and passed the test with flying colors. The weight I carried on my shoulders for years of not finishing high school was lifted. Getting my GED lit a spark inside me that grew into my interest in getting a college education.

I set my sights on a career in human resources and began my higher education path at Aiken Technical College in the summer of 2018. During my time at ATC, I worked in the library and made tons of friends! I received my "business transfer certificate" within 2 years which allowed me to transfer all my credits to USCA.

Applying to USCA was stressful. At first, I felt like an imposter; why should a high school dropout be accepted into a university? The process was super simple, though and my dedication to my higher education must have showed, too because I received a letter in the mail welcoming me to USCA. I'm officially a Pacer!

The transition from ATC to USCA was seamless. My advisor, orientation, and countless other staff/faculty members were there to guide me through the process. After a couple of weeks USCA felt like home.

I continued to excel academically but I felt like I wanted to be more involved on campus. I joined the Student Government Association my second semester on campus and am currently serving my second year on the Senate. I also joined the Judicial board, honors societies, and sat on multiple committees. Being an involved student has not only helped me be a more dedicated student, but it also furthered my drive for professional success.

I'm now a senior planning to graduate in 4 short months. I have an amazing internship in human resources at Bridgestone. I've learned so many lessons that have allowed me to become my best self. The culture at USCA cannot be underestimated. I have made countless friends, I have had the pleasure of having several mentors, and I will never forget the memories I've made here at USCA. I'm so proud to be a Pacer and cannot wait for what comes next!

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Samba Ndiaye

Senior Marketing Major

I have learned and enjoyed so many good things here at USC Aiken. My favorite thing is the diversity you see on campus. It makes it special and amazing. You meet people that come from all around the world.

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Jentri Worley

Junior Psychology Major

I decided to transfer to USCA because I have always loved the state of South Carolina and I was blessed with the chance to be a part of the women's basketball team. I was not enjoying Murray State the way I had hoped when I committed there back in high school. I have played basketball my entire life, and it has always been my goal to play collegiate basketball! With that being said, now finishing up my third year of college basketball I have been extremely blessed to be able to play, but I have not had the best luck with injuries.

I have had knee issues which have not allowed me to play at times and which is why I am still a freshman athletically because I had to have knee surgery a couple years ago! This past year has without a doubt been the best year so far for my college experiences. Between the relationships I have made, my schoolwork being good, and basketball being the best it has been since high school, it has been such a good year! I was a tad nervous about transferring far away from home at first because I am from Missouri, but it has been the best decision I have ever made! I am blessed and excited to be here at USCA!

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Jaymee Kambel

Junior Computer Science Major

I came to the US from Europe because I received an excellent scholarship through soccer. Being able to play Soccer while I am also going to college is a perfect opportunity to grow as a person, and I am grateful for this chance. At first, it was hard to adapt, but my teammates made me feel at home. I haven't explored much of the school yet because of my focus on my sport and education. Now that the season is over, I would like to go and explore a bit more.

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Aisha Griffin

Junior Interdisciplinary Studies Major

When I graduated high school, I decided I wanted to go to a tech school to save some money for university. The original plan was to stay 2 years, but I ended up only staying for 1. I realized that I wanted to experience a university campus sooner than I thought I did. Believe it or not, USC Aiken was the only school I applied to. Once I set foot on this campus, I knew it was right for me. I’m glad I took my time before coming to a university. It helped me gain more confidence. I am now involved in several organizations, became Student of the Month for September, and made so many friendships.