Action Management Workshop

We all face challenges that have the potential to divert time, energy and other resources away from our pursuit of our most important goals, but it is rarely an issue of simply running out of time. Instead, the real problem is that we allow too many interruptions and distractions hijack our valuable time, leaving us with less time to devote to the things that are truly important.

When it comes to time management, it is our decisions, not our circumstances, that will determine how successfully we manage our time in order to achieve our most valuable goals. This workshop will provide participants with a set of proven tips and tools to help make decisions regarding the use of time that will lead to more productive results in all areas of life.


Time Management


Topics Include:

  • Time management vs. action management
  • Mastering workflow– capture, clarify, organize, engage, review
  • Clear the mind
  • Collect the inputs
  • Choose capture and tracking tools
  • Set up a reference system
  • Identify action(s) necessary to move towards closure
  • The D’s of decision making
  • Create and track a simple inventory of projects
  • Review regularly to keep system current


Intended Audience: Anyone interested in getting more done with less effort

Length: 6 hours (broken into two, three-hour sessions)

Pre-requisite: No previous time management experience is necessary

Dates: November 6, 2019 and November 13, 2019 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Cost: $99.00 (Group rates are available)

Facilitator: Allison Reaves is the owner and resident learning specialist at The Right Click, a 15-year old learning and development company based in the CSRA. Allison is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. After 10 years of teaching high school and college mathematics, Allison left public education to explore a career in learning and development. It is here that Allison fulfills her passion for helping individuals identify and develop the knowledge, skills and practices necessary to function effectively in their jobs.