Student on a treadmill in the foreground, student on a breathing machine in the middle, professor and student writing on a whiteboard in the background

Capstone Courses

Department of Exercise and Sports Science

EXSC 424 - Exercise Prescription

A study of the concepts and procedures necessary to  develop appropriate exercise prescriptions for various populations and fitness levels. Compliance, risk of injury and other specific programming issues will also be addressed. Case studies are utilized to assist in application of information.

EXSC 424 is the capstone to the Exercise and Sports Science Core. The course is linked significantly to the Exercise and Sports Science Student Learning Objectives. The course is based on a Critical Inquiry method of learning, where students are required to interpret case studies with physical/medical tests and, subsequently, develop an exercise program/prescription for the client/patient. While some of the learning is guided, at this level, the student is expected to think interpretatively, creatively, and independently when working toward a product. Success in the course is dependent on presentation, teamwork, and writing skills; these skills will extend to professional success.      

EXSC 441 - Field Experience in Allied Health

Provides the student with a supervised field experience in an allied health-related area that brings together information learned from all prior major courses.

Additional information

  • EXSC 441 - Field Experience in Allied Health is offered during the spring semester and summer.
  • Field experiences can be completed at a variety of allied health settings in the Aiken/Augusta area or out of state. 
  • Past field experience sites:  Saluda Physical Therapy, Pepper Hill Nursing Center, Pediatric Therapy of Aiken, Sports Plus Physical Therapy, Hitchcock Healthcare, Gold’s Gym, USCA Wellness Center, USCA Cardiac Rehabilitation, The Center for Dentistry, USCA Athletic Training, Strom Thurmond Athletic Training, Progressive Physical Therapy, South Aiken Physical Therapy, Angels Play, Georgialina Physical Therapy, Professional Health Control of Augusta, Hammond-Beyer Health Center, Evans Rehabilitation Services and the Family Y.
  • After the spring 2015 semester, 3 students were offered positions at their field experience sites. 

What students say are the most valuable field experience activities:

  • Communicating with the patients and teaching how to use therapy tools. 
  • Observing the therapists with the patients.
  • Working with patients and getting to know their injuries.
  • Learning how to effectively communicate with others about exercise.
  • I learned so much and was able to put the knowledge I already had to use.
  • Working with an injured athlete and seeing the different ways to tape or treat injuries.
  • Helping PT/PTA with exercises and preparation of treatments

Student suggestions and recommendations for future field experience students:

  • Choose a site that interest them and feel will be beneficial to their future plans.
  • Come in with an open mind and work hard.
  • Don’t be afraid to jump in and get your hands dirty.
  • Choose a site you love. Work hard. Be dedicated.
  • Pick a setting they may not plan to work in because they may find out they enjoy it.

EXSC 458  - Research Methods in Exercise and Sports Science

An exploration of the fundamental concepts of research design, data collection, an data analysis. This class involves students in the development and presentation of a research proposal including the introduction, review of literature and methods.      

EXSC A458 is designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore exercise and sports science research topics in greater detail through readings, discussion, and laboratory experience. The course will emphasize the physiological foundations for the research, data collection methods, and a critical evaluation of relevant studies in the literature. Additionally, a presentation of the research proposal is another goal of this course.

EXSC 459 - Research Topics in Exercise and Sports Science

Exploration of research topics in different aspects of exercise science. The course is designed to familiarize students with current issues and research in exercise science. Students will read and discuss literature relevant to exercise and sports science.

EXSC A459 is designed to give students a background in exercise science research including selecting a research topic, project design, research ethics, familiarization with exercise science literature, basic statistics, and Institutional Review Board procedure. The major goal of this course is the development of a research proposal outlining the basis for a study, a review of literature, and methodology for completing the study. Additionally, the preparation and presentation of a review paper is another goal of this course.