Student on a treadmill in the foreground, student on a breathing machine in the middle, professor and student writing on a whiteboard in the background


Department of Exercise and Sports Science

Brian Parr, PhD

Courses Taught

EXSC 328: Electrocardiography

EXSC 323: Exercise Physiology

EXSC 323L: Exercise Physiology Lab

EXSC 425: Clinical Exercise Physiology

EXSC 439: Internship in Fitness Management

EXSC 458: Research Methods in Exercise and Sports Science

EXSC 459: Research Topics in Exercise and Sports Science

EXSC 499: Independent Study Research Projects


Ph.D. (Exercise Physiology) University of Tennessee

Research Interests

My research experience includes metabolic changes with weight loss, resting and exercise energy expenditure, environmental influences on physical activity, and functional limitations associated with obesity. My current research interests include functional fitness deficits with obesity and the role of weight loss and exercise in improving functional fitness, the effect of indoor and outdoor exercise on mood and cognition, and exercise science pedagogy.