2018 Accomplishments

Peer-reviewed Published Products

Hatchett AGParr BB, Armstrong K, Crews M. The effect of a curved non-motorized treadmill on running gait length, imbalance and step angle. Southeast ACSM Annual Meeting, Chattanooga, TN, February 2018. 

DeWitt CM, Stacy TE, Smith KM, Ravenell AR, Parr BB. Comparison of CPR training and public access AED availability at southeastern U.S. universities. Southeast ACSM Annual Meeting, Chattanooga, TN, February 2018. 

Parr BB, LaMunion SR, Jolley AP, Hatchett AG. Relationship Between Body Mass Index, Core Strength, and Balance in Adults. American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, May 2018.