Greek Life Recruitment

  1. In—person events in compliance with local and campus health and safety regulations
    1. Tables spaced 6+ feet apart with 2-3 people per table
      1. Set up in advance, cannot be moved
      2. No high top tables for socializing
    2. Tape on the floor outside of rooms for PNM’s (potential new members) to stand on upon entering
    3. Socially distanced holding space for groups not in a party/check in
    4. No food or beverages provided by chapters or Greek Life
    5. Wipe down tables, chairs, door handles, and other frequently touched surfaces between each party/group
    6. Suggestion- have one chapter member be the door monitor for the entire night to limit who touches the door
    7. Training for recruitment counselors & recruitment leadership (recruitment directors & advisors) on safety protocols
    8. Communicate protocol for Chapter members and PNM’s before recruitment week via multiple resources
    9. First night of recruitment go over protocol with all in attendance
    10. Complete temperature checks and questionnaire during check-in each night
    11. Face coverings shall be worn by all people during an active party (when PNMS are in a room) and in crowded hallways. National Panhellenic Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, and InterFraternal Council will be able to provide disposable masks, hand sanitizer, and clorox wipes but chapters and PNMs may also use their own.
    12. Function at 50% of capacity in rooms (campus policy- smallest room capacity is 36 with measures in place)
      1. No more than 30 people TOTAL in a room at once
      2. Recruitment Parties would be 2:1 active member to PNM ratio
  • iii. Ratio may fluctuate depending on # of new members per group

Bid Day

  • PNM’s will be asked to schedule an appointment in advance during the time allotted to receive their Bid’s. PNM’s will be asked to wait outside the student life office until their specific time. When entering the office PNM’s will social distance and required to wear a mask. Upon receiving a bid, PNMs will go to the SAC Mezz where they will continue safety protocols and prepare for the fountain run.
  • UofSC Aiken tradition:
    • The Fountain Run (NPC)/Bid Day Celebration (IFC)/NPHC New Member Presentation for all councils brings fourth excited new members, current chapter members, alumni, and spectators. The following protocols will be implemented:
      • Social distance between individuals and if not possible, face coverings are required
      • Signage posted with protocols and asking to limit physical touching (ex. hugs)
      • Instead of circling the fountain directly, each chapter will be designated an open lawn space in which PNMs will gather with their new chapter. Chapters will then be given a time slot with which they can approach the fountain to celebrate and take photos. Staff will help direct chapter members to their appropriate space, but markings will also be provided.

In case of positive tests:

  • Notify COVID-19 committee of positive test within group/event

Panhellenic Recruitment

The following information summarizes policies and protocols that will be implemented in fall 2020 during Panhellenic recruitment to promote the safety and wellbeing of all people participating. All policies & procedures listed here and on campus must be adhered to by current chapter members, alumnae, potential new members, staff, and any other person involved.

Recruitment Event Dates

Get to Know the Greeks August 21 Quad All councils
Greek Forum with NPC August 26 SAC Mezz  Panhellenic only
Formal Panhellenic Recruitment September 11-14 B&E/SAC Mezz  Panhellenic only
Bid Day September 14 Quad Panhellenic only

Physical Set Up & Rooms

All rooms will function at 50% capacity.

Quad outdoors  
Humanities & Social Science 103/116  capacity 40/48 check in rooms for PNM
Student Activity Center Mezz ABC  capacity 195 AOII
Business & Education capacity Phi Mu
Business & Education capacity ZTA

 Greek Forum- chairs will be placed 6 ft. apart in rows in the SAC Mezz. The second half of the event will be held in the quad under tents, socially distanced.

Recruitment- 6ft. round tables will be placed 6+ feet apart in each room with maximum 4 chairs at each table. Tables & chairs will be sanitized between each party. Tape will be placed 6 ft. apart outside of each room for PNMs to stand on upon entering.

Recruitment Reference Rooms have been reserved for each chapter to place personal belongings and decorations in order to maximize the physical space of the recruitment room.

  • AOII- curtained section of the SAC Mezz
  • Phi Mu- B&E 143
  • ZTA- B&E 131

Bid Day- the SAC Mezz will be sectioned out between each and individuals will need to be socially distanced and masked while in the room. Chapters will be set up on a designated spot on the lawn for the fountain run portion of Bid Day. They must stay within their designated area. Spectators may watch from the outlying sidewalks. No individual may gather near the fountain until their designated time for photos.


August 21- Get to Know the Greeks, 12:30-2:30 PM                  

  • All Greek councils and chapters will have tables in the Quad for interested students to ask questions about the recruitment process. Drop-in style.

August 26- Greek Forum with NPC, 6-7 PM

  • Come to the Mezz first to watch a video about each chapter and hear from the recruitment director and president of each organization. After that, everyone will go to the tents in the Quad to ask individual questions of each chapter.

Sept. 11-14- Formal Panhellenic Recruitment   

  • Check into H&SS 116 to be placed into PNM groups. The schedule for the evening will be given to PNMs.
    • Sept. 11 5:45-9:20 PM                Three 35-minute parties/35 min. break
    • Sept. 12 1:45- 6:35 PM               Three 45-minute parties/45 min. break
    • Sept. 13 2:00-7:20 PM                One to three 50 minute parties/50 min. break

Sept 14- Bid Day, 4 PM

  • PNMs will schedule an appointment with a Student Life staff member to pick up their bids between 12-3:30PM. If they accept a bid, they will be directed to the SAC Mezz to await the fountain run. At 4pm, PNMs will be revealed to their new chapter by moving to the Quad to their chapter’s designated area. They will be led there by a current member of the chapter.


Individual and Group Conduct

  • Masks/face coverings will be worn at all times in the check-in, recruitment and reference rooms. If someone needs to step outside or in an empty hallway to get some fresh air, that is acceptable, however upon re-entering the room, masks should go back on.
  • Maintain 6+ feet distance between individuals
  • No physical touching permitted (ex. Hugs)
  • Tables will be placed 6+ ft. apart
  • Tables, chairs, door handles, and any other high-touch surface will be sanitized between each party. Masks and cleaning supplies will be provided by NPC.
  • Individuals-- Violations or refusal to comply will result in the removal of the individual from recruitment experience. All violations will be brought to the Greek Life advisor who will then review the situation, consult with the Campus COVID Co-Coordinators (if matter is unclear), and issue the response via email and verbally (if applicable).
  • Chapters-- Violations or refusal to comply will result in a strike system. Strike 1- verbal warning to chapter recruitment chair; Strike 2- written warning and conversation with chapter recruitment chair; Strike 3- $50 chapter sanction, communicated via email. All strikes past strike 3 will increase by $50 per strike. All violations will be brought to the Greek Life advisor who will then review the situation and issue the appropriate response.


  • Chapter members will be required to go through a temperature screening with the Greek Life advisor at a pre-determined time prior to the event beginning.
  • PNMs will go through a temperature screening at the beginning of each event during check-in.
  • Temperature checks will need to be completed before designated arrival time. Please plan accordingly.
  • Any person whose temperature is 100.4 degrees F or above will not be permitted into the event and will be asked to immediately exit the premises and return home.
  • If you are experiencing the following symptoms, you should not attend the event: fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or sunny nose, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.
  • If you are awaiting COVID-19 test results, do not attend any recruitment event.

Positive Test

  • At any point during the recruitment process, positive COVID-19 test results should be communicated with Lacie Wehrmann, Greek Life Advisor, via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in-person.
  • In the event of a positive test, all remaining recruitment events will cease and recruitment will continue online in a virtual format at a date selected by the Greek Life Advisor.

Other options for sorority membership

  • Any chapter member who feels uncomfortable participating in in-person formal sorority recruitment should speak with their own chapter leadership about their level of involvement.
  • PNMs who feel uncomfortable participating in formal sorority recruitment in an in-person format are encouraged to postpone their recruitment experience until spring or fall 2021.