PacerStudent Account

PacerStudent accounts are used to log into all local campus resources, including: email, lab computers, wireless, PacerPrint printing, Junos VPN (used to access the campus remotely), Impulse SafeConnect (used to connect to the campus network from a personal computer) and any website ending with a domain name.

When setting your PacerStudent up for the first time using the link below, please keep two things in mind:

  1. When asked to enter your "User name" please enter  your PacerStudent username. For instance, if your email address is then you'd enter JoeSomebody as your username.
  2. Passwords work best when they begin with a letter not a number.

To set your PacerStudent Password go to

Your PacerStudent Username will be the same as your Network/Blackboard Username.  However, your password is different and must be set separately.

Setting-up PacerStudent for the First Time

When prompted for your Old Password, enter the last 5-digits of your VIP ID followed by USCA#  For example, if the last 5-digits of your VIP ID Number are 12345, then your Old Password would be entered as: 12345USCA#

Now choose your New Password.  Be sure to follow the password requirements as listed on the page.  For simplicity sake we suggest simply setting this password to the same one you chose earlier for the USC Network/Blackboard Password.

Resetting your PacerStudent Account

If you've previously setup your PacerStudent account and can't login, you'll need to call or visit the Help Desk.

Visit the Help Desk in person with a valid Student ID and we'll let you set your password on the spot.

Call in, email or visit without your Student ID and we'll have to reset your account to a temporary password.  You'll then need to change it to something unique the next time you log into a campus computer.