Email is part of your Office 365 account.

To log into your email account, simply click the Email link at the bottom of the USCA website, or go to

For username, enter your USCA email address (

For your password, enter the same password as the one you use to sign into campus computers and wi-fi.

You may be presented with a screen full of options such as Mail, Work Online, Excel Online, OneDrive, etc.  Click the Mail icon.

During your first sign-in, you'll be asked to set your Time Zone.  Eastern Time is the 16th from the top of the list.

You'll then be taken directly to your Inbox and can begin using email.

Remember, your USCA email address will be your USCA Username (Students call this PacerStudent username) plus  For example,

Need Additional Help with Email?  

Unable to log into your email account for the first time? Want to setup email on your mobile device? We've created a list of help and troubleshooting steps to help work through any problems: