Students leafing through a binder on a bench in the quad

Frequently Taught Courses

History, Political Science, and Philosophy

History Surveys

HIST A101 – Introduction to World Civilizations to 1750

HIST A102 – Introduction to World Civilizations Since 1750

HIST A201 – History of the United States to 1865

HIST A202 – History of the United States from 1865 to the Present

300-level Courses

HIST A300 – The Historian’s Craft

HIST A302 – Introduction to the Law (cross-listed as POLI A302)

HIST A303 – Mock Trial Competition (cross-listed as POLI A303)

HIST A319 – The Birth of Europe

HIST A321 – Modern Europe

HIST A341 – Religion in America: A Historical Survey

HIST A345 – Early Islamic Civilization

HIST A346 – The Ottoman Empire

HIST A347 – The Modern Middle East

HIST A351 – South Carolina Heritage

HIST A361 – Early Latin America: From European Discoveries Through Independence

HIST A362 – Modern Latin America: From Independence to the Present

HIST A365 – First People of the Americas

HIST A371 – History of Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing

HIST A372 – History of Illness and Medicine in America

HIST A374 – History of Science

HIST A375 – History through Film

HIST A377 – Popular Culture and History

HIST A386 – War in the 20th Century

400-level Courses

HIST A420 – Nationalism in Europe

HIST A421 – Vikings

HIST A422 – Europe in Crisis

HIST A423 – History of Mexico

HIST A430 – U.S. Constitutional History

HIST A441 – Topics in Religious History

HIST A443 – Food in World History

HIST A447 – The Arab-Israeli Conflict

HIST A448 – Islamic Political Movements

HIST A451 – Issues in South Carolina History

HIST A464 – American Women’s History

HIST A474 – Issues in Environmental History

HIST A493 – Topics in History: Introduction to Digital History

HIST A499 – Senior Capstone

Introductory Courses

POLI A121 – Introduction to Politics

POLI A122 – Introduction to International Relations

POLI A123 – Introduction to Comparative Politics

POLI A201 – American National Government

Upper Division Courses

POLI A301 – Scope and Methods of Political Science

POLI A302 – Introduction to the Law (cross-listed as HIST A302)

POLI A303 – Mock Trial Competition (cross-listed as HIST A303)

POLI A316 – Comparative Politics

POLI A320 – Introduction to Political Theory

POLI A322 – American Political Theory

POLI A370 – Introduction to Public Administration

POLI A373 – Women and Public Policy

POLI A374 – Introduction to Public Policy

POLI A458 – South Carolina and State and Local Politics

POLI A493 – Conspiracy Theories and the Truth in American Politics

POLI A493 – Special Topics: Political Psychology and International Relations


PHIL A102 – Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL A110 – Introduction to Formal Logic

PHIL A325 – Engineering Ethics


RELG A101 – Biblical History and Literature

RELG A103 – Comparative Religion