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Philosophy / Religion Program

History, Political Science, and Philosophy

Majors & Minors

UofSC Aiken offers several courses in philosophy. Students contemplating a major in Philosophy can complete at least the first two years of a standard curriculum at UofSC Aiken and transfer to another college to complete their degree. Students may include Philosophy as a concentration or component of the BIS program.

UofSC Aiken also offers a minor in philosophy and religious studies. Take a look at the required courses for these minors, and keep in mind that many of these courses also fulfill general education requirements. Philosophy and religion minors score higher on standardized tests, they develop strong writing skills, and they gain a better understanding of world cultures. Talk to your advisor today, and declare a philosophy or religion minor.

Minor Requirements

 Minor in Philosophy


  I. PHIL A102 Introduction to Philosophy 3
  II. PHIL A110 Introduction to Formal Logic 3

III. One of the following:

PHIL A302 Ancient Philosophy

PHIL A303 17th and 18th Century Philosophy and Science

PHIL A304 19th and 20th Century Philosophy


IV. Three additional courses:

(Any courses with the PHIL acronym)

No more than two of the following courses:

POLI A320 Introduction to Political Theory

POLI A321 Sexual Politics and Political Theory

POLI A322 American Political Theory

PSYC A445 History and Systems of Psychology

SOCY A496 Sociological Theory

   Total hours required  18

 Minor in Religious Studies


  I. PHIL A102 Introduction to Philosophy 3
  II. RELG A101, A103 6

III. One of the following:

ANTH A352 Anthropology of Magic and Religion

HIST A341 Religion in America: A Historical Survey

RELG A301 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

RELG A302 Introduction to Early Christian Writings


IV. Two additional courses:

ENGL A389 Classical Mythology

ENGL A425 Early America Literature

HIST A441 Topics in Religious History

HSSI A201 Peace Studies

PHIL A211 Contemporary Moral Issues

PHIL A302 Ancient Philosophy

PHIL A311 Ethics

RELG A390 Topics in Religious Studies


Any of the courses listed above in section III not taken to fulfill item

   Total hours required  18