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Political Science Program

History, Political Science, and Philosophy

Mission Statement

The Political Science Program, an exclusively undergraduate program leading to the BA degree, supports the USC Aiken mission as written on page 1 of the USC Aiken Bulletin and is designed to achieve these goals. In addition we have accepted as our specific mission the following:

  1. Contribute to the humanistic, liberal education of all USC Aiken students;
  2. Prepare Political Science majors to meet program requirements and ultimately receive the BA degree in Political Science;
  3. Provide auxiliary services for other disciplines (e.g., Political Science courses as electives, cognates, minors, and other curriculum requirements);
  4. Contribute to the overall development of the USC Aiken community through faculty service activities;
  5. Contribute academic and professional expertise to the Aiken community and beyond.

The faculty strives to fulfill its mission primarily through instruction, research, and service, and especially the pursuit of academic excellence.

Majors & Minors

See major requirements for B.A. in Political Science for B.A. in Political Science

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Opportunities for Students

Political Science Internships

Clubs & Organizations