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Information for Advisors

History, Political Science, and Philosophy

History courses meet the following requirements:

  • All history courses may be counted for Humanities credits if not being used to fulfill another requirement.
  • Many history courses are writing intensive.
  • Many history courses satisfy the non-western requirement.

Which history courses are appropriate for which students?

Introductory-level history courses include HIST 101 (World History to 1750), HIST 102 (World History from 1750), HIST 201 (US History to 1865), HIST 202 (US History from 1865). These four courses are appropriate for first semester freshman, though they should not take two at the same time in their first semester. Only students who have completed CI (if required), ENG 101, and ENG 102 should enroll in writing-intensive sections of these courses. HIST 300 WI (The Historian’s Craft) is a methods course intended for history majors, history minors, and social studies education majors. Enrollment is not restricted, but it may not be a suitable course for students in other programs unless they are considering changing majors or adding a history minor.

None of the 300-level history courses have prerequisites. All, except HIST 300, are appropriate for students from all disciplines, but they are not ideal for first semester freshmen. Because of the amount of reading and writing assigned in history classes, students will be most likely to succeed if they have successfully completed a course with a strong reading and/or writing component, such as a history survey course or an English course.

Most 400-level courses are appropriate for students from any major as long as they have successfully completed the prerequisites. Independent studies and internships in history are ordinarily reserved for history majors and minors. HIST 499 WI is a senior capstone course and can only be taken by senior history majors.