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History Club is open to any student interested in History.

mortui vivos docentThe Club visits local historical sites, puts on a film series, participates in trivia competitions, and performs community service. History Club is a Student Organization under the SGA with a President, VP, and Secretary. We are a Service-Learning Club focused on the preservation and exploration of local history through Community Archiving: with projects such as an NAACP Oral History Project and a Photo Digitization project. We also perform community service and are currently helping to maintain Pine Lawn Cemetery, one of the oldest cemeteries in Aiken. Finally, History Club is an active part of USC Aiken’s Inter Curricular Enrichment (ICE) hosting film series, speakers, and other events.

So, if you are good with a weed whacker, or want to participate in the preservation of local history, or help educate the larger community, or just hang out in graveyards and talk about nerdy stuff, History Club is the place for you. We need all kinds of skills and abilities from photography and filming to video production and archival work. We also need people interested in being part of organizing, promoting, and running events, and participating in student government. (We really need a weedwhacker! Trivia Skills also appreciated.)

All of our projects provide a chance to gain experience and skills producing tangible artifacts such as papers or videos for publication or presentation. We are committed to making a positive impact on our community through everything we do and are constantly looking for new ways to serve. To earn graduation regalia, students need to actively participate in the club’s total 150 hours of service (per SGA guidelines) making History Club a good way to give back. It is also a great way to get to know more about South Carolina; some of our excursions have included camping at Magnolia Plantation with the Slave Dwelling project, visiting local historical houses such as Redcliff Plantation and Hill House. Likewise, participation in the Community Archiving projects can include conducting oral history interviews or doing archival and secondary source research necessary to contextualize the oral histories and photos we are collecting and archiving. This allows students to meet Aiken’s notable residents, preserve memories, unearth forgotten episodes, and understand Aiken within a larger historical framework.

Upcoming Events

“Civil Rights, Civil Discourse, & Robert's Rules of Order: James Gallman Reflects on 50 Years of Activism.”

February 17, 2020. 5:00 pm- 6:pm. HUMSSC 116

James Gallman has been fighting for Civil Rights his whole life. A native of Aiken, Gallman grew up in a segregated South, but by 1960 when he attended college at Claflin University things were changing. Despite openly hostile state and local governments African Americans across the country were refusing to be intimidated. Students who had organized a peaceful protest of the segregated establishments in Orangeburg were met with water hoses and were arrested and brought to Columbia and held outside to await trial. Thus, began Gallman’s participation in Civil Rights and his identification with the NAACP. Over the course of his life Gallman served as President of the NAACP at both the local and state levels. He led the fight against the flying of the confederate flag on the statehouse capital, leading the March on the Dome and boycott of 2000. Most recently he marched alongside Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in the 20-year anniversary of the march. This talk focuses on the role of Civil Discourse and Robert’s Rules of Order in the process of making history and making change.

NAACP Oral History Project: We Stand on Shoulders of Giants: NAACP Oral History Project

The Aiken branch of the NAACP just celebrated its 100-year anniversary and History Club has tried to capture some of the last 50 through the memories and stories of NAACP members and Civil Rights advocates in the CSRA. The stories highlighted in the event came from Oral History interviews conducted by the History Club (2019) and capture local perspectives on national historical moments. Through these short clips we see the role of the NAACP and the broader Civil Rights Movement in shaping Aiken and the larger world. We also see the impact of individuals, and this event is a celebration of these people and the work they have done.

The Importance of Education: Dr. Noble on role of education in her life (2:33)

Past Trips and Events

  • 2019 Slave Dwelling Project
    2019 Slave Dwelling Project
  • 2019 Slave Dwelling Project
    2019 Slave Dwelling Project