USC Aiken’s Honors Program offers academically talented, highly motivated students opportunities for enriched learning experiences both in and outside the classroom.

To this end, the USC Aiken Honors Program Director, with support and approval from the Honors Steering Committee, has created the Honors Ambassadors program. Honors Ambassadors represent student leadership roles within the USC Aiken Honors Program.

The Honors Ambassadors serve the Honors Program by

  • Serving as a strong advocate for the Honors Program to the university and the outside community
  • Participating in recruitment events to help promote the Honors Program
  • Serving as a mentor to new Honors students
  • Serving as an advocate for all Honors students by expressing needs/concerns of the students to the Honors Program Director.
  • Helping coordinate and plan social activities and service learning/volunteer opportunities for the Honors students.

2019-2020 Ambassadors

  • Samuel Boyd (Mathematics and Computer Science)

  • Ashton Blush (Psychology)

  • Madison Carelock (Biology)

  • Ashlyn Freeman (Nursing)

  • Melanie Howe (Engineering and Chemistry)

  • Drake Jones (Mathematics and Computer Science)

  • Eva Slagle (Communication)

  • Kylie Tager (Biology)

Past Ambassadors 

2018-2019 Ambassadors

  • Morgan Bookstaver, Exercise and Sports Science)
  • Lindsey Calhoun, Education
  • Maddy Carelock, Biology
  • Melanie Howe, Industrial Process Engineering
  • Drake Jones, Math and Computer Science
  • Allison Swiecki, Biology

2017-2018 Honors Ambassadors

  • Morgan Bookstaver
  • Haley Cave
  • Alyson Cromer
  • Lisette Payero
  • Drake Jones
  • Sharon Seufert 

2016-2017 Honors Ambassadors

  • Laurel Adams
  • William Bradford Prothman-Roberts
  • Haley Cave
  • Alyson Cromer
  • Ayesha Jihad
  • Orlando Moldovan
  • Lisette Payero

2015-2016 Honors Ambassadors

  • Megann Howard
  • Hazel Kelley
  • Samantha Lisek
  • Amy He
  • Kayce Vanpelt
  • Orlando Moldovan
  • David Gilbert
  • William Bradford Prothman-Roberts
  • Ajay Krishnakumar