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Housing COVID-19 Plan

Housing COVID-19 Cleaning Plan

Move In Day

  1. Resident Mentor Move In:
    1. Saturday, 1 August 2020
  2. Leadership Retreat Early Arrivals Move In:
    1. Sunday, 9 August 2020
  3. Move In Day would be spread out over four days:
    1. Friday, 14 August 2020: Athletes and Early Arrivals
    2. Saturday, 15 August 2020:
    3. Sunday, 16 August 2020
    4. Monday, 17 August 2020
  4. Move In Information will be communicated out to residents in multiple waves:
    1. End of June: Initial Email and Text with COVID-19 Information on what to expect
    2. Early July: Housing Contract Addendum will be sent to residents via email and USPS. Residents will be updated on changes to Contract as well as given the option to cancel their Contract by 15 July at without penalty
    3. Mid-July: Second Email and Text with additional information on plan for Move In (including testing)
    4. Early August: Third Email and Mailed Packet will any information that is needed for move in, including COVID-19 testing paperwork, Move In Date and Time, Map, and Color Coded Flyer with Date and Time
  5. Check-In will move to online processes as much as possible, including the apartment condition cards, key information, and roommate agreements. Items that may be completed ahead of time will be provided to residents via email before the Move In Day.
  6. Each family would be assigned a time to check in for Move In and would only be allowed to Move In at that time; they will have two hour block to move in, based upon the housing assignment. This would prevent large numbers of people in small spaces, and allow for traffic flow in elevators, and in stairwells (which would be indicated as either up or down).
    1. Example of how Move In times will be assigned. Pacer Crossings has 8 students in a suite. The maximum number of suitemates that would be able to move in at the same time would be 2 and no roommates would ever move in at the same time.
    2. This would be duplicated in the Pacer Commons and Pacer Downs, though the maximum occupancy in those apartments is 4.
  7. No children or elderly would be allowed to come to campus at the time of Move In.
  8. Each resident would only be allowed to have two additional persons come with him or her up to the room to assist with the move-in process.
  9. Once the two hour period is up, the student and move in helpers would need to vacate the room, in order for the next family to move into the space.
  10. Masks and gloves will need to be provided to students and family members who do not bring their own with them.
  11. All residential students must obtain a COVID-19 test as close to return date to campus as possible, however, a test should not be taken more than 10 days prior to the return to campus. Medical documentation of negative test results should be brought with the student to housing move in.
    • Students testing positive prior to returning to campus will not be allowed to move into housing until after the minimum 10 day isolation period off campus. Once the student shows no signs of COVID-19 symptoms, including no fever for at least 72 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications, the student will be provided a new date and time to move into University Housing. Students who test positive must notify University Housing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., that they will need to check in at a later date and time. University Housing will coordinate a new date and time to check in and will provide this information to the student via email. Any student who has tested positive should contact his or her advisor to make arrangements to learn remotely through their quarantine period.
    • If a student does not undergo a test prior to move in, student will be required to go to the Convocation Center prior to moving into their dorm room to get tested and then maintain a self-quarantine in their dorm room until results are obtained. Self-quarantine protocols will be provided to those residents at the time of move in.
    • Additional Information on Where to Find COVID-19 Testing:
  12. All Move In Day traffic will enter through the Bell Highway gates onto Leadership Drive. The gates in front of University Police will be down and be exit only.
  13. Move In will take place for all residents, regardless of building or community, under the sail cover on the Pacer Crossings plaza.
    1. It will be set up with social distancing practices, allowing residents to pick up keys and get directions to their new assignments
    2. Resident Mentors will help with concierge service to let residents and families know how long the wait will be until they can see a staff member and advise them to wait in their cars and call them from a duty mobile phone when there is only 5 minutes to go. This will prevent mass gatherings of people and prevent residents and their families from having to stand in the sun.
    3. Social Distancing signage, including where to stand, will be posted ahead of the Move In Day
    4. Resident Mentors will be in the pavilions behind Pacer Commons and in the Pacer Downs Quad to provide buggies for Move In and direct residents to their rooms.
    5. Elevators will be limited access for residents with their buggies and stairwells will be marked as up and down.
    6. Staff will be provided with lunches and will eat them at the picnic tables around the Housing buildings.
    7. Water stations staffed by an RM or volunteer will be located around the Housing Buildings.
  14. Those families that arrive before their assigned move in time will be asked to park and wait for their time in the Convocation Center parking lot.
  15. Maintenance and custodial staff will wipe down all buggies upon returning to pick up location prior to the next student uses one.
  16. Floor Meetings will be held virtually by the RMs on each night of Move In.

Common Space and Cleaning Responsibilities

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