Apply for Housing

How do I apply for Housing?

Once you login to Self Service Carolina (SSC) at, please follow these steps to complete your Housing application:

Step 1:  Login to Self Service Carolina (SSC). 

* You will need to log in using your VIP ID number, as well as your password.  If you do not know your VIP ID number, or if you need help, please contact the Help Desk at 803-641-3391.

Step 2:  Click on the Student Tab

Step 3:  Click on the box that says Housing Services

Step 4:  Go to the campus tab and select Aiken and click continue

Step 5:  Under Fall 2018, click on the link that says 2018-2019 application

Step 6:  Pay your $150 security deposit 

Priority Deadline:  May 1, 2018