Pacer Downs

Downs Pool with people socializing

Pacer Downs is an apartment community located on campus, directly behind the Science and Engineering Building.  The Pacer Downs apartment office is located next to the Pacer Market in the Community Center. 

Pacer Downs Market

 Pacer Downs Market

Office Phone Number: 803-641-3768

Resident Mentor on Duty:  803-349-5917 (For lockouts and emergencies)
Office Location:  Pacer Downs Community Center

Price per Semester.
Double Rooms (2 people per bedroom) 

$2,533 per semester is the rate for 2018 - 2019 school year.  Contracts are for one school year.

Double as a Single Rooms (1 person per bedroom) (when space allows)
$3,570 per semester is the rate for the 2018- 2019 school year.  Contract is for one school year. 

*Rates are subject to change depending on Board of Trustees approval.

Pacer Downs Apartments

Downs Photoshoot

Downs Living Room

Downs Renovated Bathroom 2018

Downs Renovated Kitchen  

Features in Pacer Downs:

  • Share a two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms, a furnished living/dining room area, and a kitchen
  • Be within walking distance of your classes, campus dining, activities, and many support services
  • Participate in educational and social programs planned by the Resident Mentors to help you adjust to college life
  • Live in a safe environment with 24-hour Public Safety coverage
  • Pacer Net (Connect your computer with our high-speed internet access) or Ethernet ports
  • Cable Television
  • All utilities provided (except telephone)
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Tons of parking spots (A parking permit is required - please register your vehicle at Public Safety)
  • Snack and drink machines
  • Onsite mail and package delivery

Floor Plans

Pacer Downs 1, 2

Pacer Downs 3,4,5

Pacer Downs 6,7

Pacer Downs 8,9

Pacer Downs 10,11

Pacer Downs 12,13

Pacer Downs 14,15

Pacer Downs 16,17

Pacer Downs 18,19

Pacer Downs 20,21

Pacer Downs 22,23