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Worker's Compensation

Human Resources

Human Resources has partnered with CompEndium Services, Inc. to provide medical case management services for our employees who are injured at work. This means that injured employees and their supervisors can expect faster claims processing and referrals to medical treatment. CompEnduim Services is a telephonic medical management company that is able to review reports 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

CompEndium has been working with state agencies and education services for over 15 years and provides a proactive work injury management process to the workforce. This process is one that allows all injuries to be reported and guided by a medical specialist through each step of treatment. Each injured employee will have an assigned medical manager to assist with any questions they may have, scheduling of medical treatment appointments and informing all parties involved about the direction of care. We feel this new service will provide a more timely process for our employees to recover from the unknown effects associated with a work injury.


When an employee is injured on the job, requiring medical attention, the employee and supervisor will need to contact CompEndium immediately at 877-709-2667.  If it is an emergency situation or after hours, please call University Police at 6111 (from an on-campus phone) or 803-648-4011 if immediate medical assistance is needed, or go to the nearest Emergency Room.

Please see below for a quick reference for on-the-job injuries. For additional information, go to


A Quick Reference: On-the-Job Injuries

  • The injured worker will need to notify their supervisor immediately about the injury.
  • For non-emergency injuries, the supervisor and injured worker together will call CompEndium Services immediately at 877-709-2667. 
  • For emergency injuries or if it's after hours, the injured worker will need to call University Police at 6111 (from an on-campus phone) or 803-648-4011 if immediate medical assistance is needed, or go to the nearest Emergency Room.
  • CompEndium will assist the injured employee in processing and scheduling their work related injury for treatment and claims handling with their insurance provider.
  • The injured employee and their supervisor will then complete the USC Injury Report and the Supervisor's Report (see links below) and fax them to 877-710-2667.  A copy of both forms will need to be sent to the USCA Human Resources Office by the supervisor. 
  • The injured employee will need to share with their supervisor any information or statements they receive from their doctor concerning their condition, or their return to work status.

Click here for a quick reference guide that you can print out and post in your area.  Please note, this is USC Columbia's form, and our procedures differ slightly.  See quick reference above. 

Worker's Compensation Forms:

Workers' Comp Employee Injury Report

Workers' Comp Supervisory Report

Worker's Comp Physician's Report

The Worker's Compensation Policy can be found at