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Interdisciplinary Studies


Classes for your Interdisciplinary Studies major will be selected by you in consultation with the program coordinator and two faculty members from the relevant disciplines. Each Interdisciplinary Studies degree concludes with a unique capstone experience that integrates your areas of study. This may take the form of an internship, thesis or special project, depending on the nature of your particular focus. A more complete description of the Interdisciplinary Studies program requirements can be found in the current USCA Bulletin.

Some examples of Interdisciplinary Studies degree possibilities include:

  • Gender Studies
  • Political Economy
  • Environmental Studies
  • Medical Illustration
  • Spanish World Studies
  • Human Rights
  • Ethics and Society
  • Health Communication
  • Religious Philosophy
  • Non-Western Studies

These are simply examples. Many combinations are possible so long as we have the faculty to support your area of interest and we are able to devise a coherent and rigorous program of study.

Explore...Investigate...Create...Integrate. Choose your own academic path today with the Interdisciplinary Studies Degree at USCA!

For more information about the Interdisciplinary Studies program, contact the Program Coordinator, Prof. Natalia Taylor Bowdoin, by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (803) 641-3492.