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Get Involved on Campus

Office of International Programs

There are many different ways to get involved at USC Aiken. Students can come to Get on Board Days, held each semester, to find out what student organizations have to offer. The Pacer Times and the Stall Wall Weekly publications publish information about when meetings and events are held. Posters are placed throughout campus announcing upcoming programs. You can go to any open club meeting or stop by the Student Life Office and talk to one of our helpful staff members.

We are here to help all students get the most out of college. For more information about any of the Student Affairs programs, please stop by the Student Life Office or call 803-641-3634.

You can view the full list of available activities and programs on the campus events calendar.

Events Calendar

International Mentors Program


The Mission of the USC Aiken International Mentor Program is to support new international students starting out at USC Aiken and in Aiken, SC. In this program, mentors and mentees spend time together in one-on-one meetings, group gatherings, and social activities. Involvement in the program offers a fun way for participants to develop leadership skills and foster community among international students.

About the program:

We ask that all participants commit to meeting at least two times a month: once at our big-group meetings and once on their own with their partner. The big-group meetings will be fun and free events. In addition to the big-group meetings, mentors and mentees are also expected to meet at least once a month on their own. Students choose to meet either on or off campus to grab a coffee, share a meal, or even visit downtown.

Your mentor's role is to:

  • Assist you as you adjust to life at USC Aiken and in the local community (e.g. offering advice on cultural adjustment, academics, campus resources, and the wider city).
  • Facilitate and coordinate meetings with you, the mentee, at least once a month.
  • Maintain regular contact with you either via phone, email, or social media.

View information on becoming a mentor

As a mentee, you are responsible for:
  • Committing to meeting with your mentor at least once a month.
  • Attending all monthly big-group meetings.
  • Maintaining regular contact with your mentor.

Want to have a mentor?

Please complete the Mentor Request Form for International Mentors Program. The application deadline is July 1.

Friends of International Students

Friends of International Students (FIS) is a community-based hospitality program. The program helps USC Aiken international students in a new culture and way of life. The goal of the program is to promote international friendship and understanding, and to encourage learning between international students and our community through various on campus activities. These events are posted to the International Student Listserv.

Friendship Family Program

Friendship Families is a program that matches international students with local families. The program can help ease the transition to college life for new students, meaningfully connect students and community members, and offer international students a view of American life and culture.

To accomplish these goals, the program matches a member of the community with a student and encourages periodic communication, interaction, and meetings. The Office of International Programs sponsors a few events throughout the academic year for hosts and their students, but what happens beyond these events is up to the pair. Examples of activities shared by hosts and students include professional or college athletic events, holiday celebrations, religious experiences, outings with families, or dinners at home or a restaurant. While the friendship family program allows for periodic interaction, students remain on campus and do not live with host families.

Want to be matched with a Friendship Family?

Applications for students will open on July 1. You can apply to be matched with a Friendship Family by filling out the Friendship Family Student Application. If you have any questions, please contact OIP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Globe is the International Club of USC Aiken, comprising of the various international and local students of our campus. The International Club is represented by over twenty different countries across the world.

Globe's goals are:

  • To provide an opportunity for all students to learn about different cultures.
  • To encourage intercultural communication.
  • To promote internal community service efforts.
  • To create a welcoming, supportive, and fun environment in which members can make new friends and share fellowship with members.