Application Process

Students must apply through the online application site (TBD). Once approved, students studying through Exchange and Affiliate/Direct Enroll Programs will need to complete the Host University/Program application provided by the USCA Office of International Programs.

During preliminary advising and the application process we recommend that students meet with their Faculty Academic Advisor to discuss course needs while abroad, and their Financial Aid Advisor to understand funding availability or limitations for study abroad.

How to Apply

It's never too early to start planning for study abroad. Consider academic and personal goals, check out program options, review eligibility requirements, research funding opportunities and take note of important deadlines.

Step 1: Complete study abroad 101

Step 2: Explore program options

Step 3: Consider finances

Step 4: Start program specific application

Step 5: Discuss plans with academic advisors

Step 6: Review deadlines and complete online application

Choosing a Program

Students can study abroad for varying lengths of time. Some programs are designed for groups, while other programs may be a more independent experience. During the program search, it is important to consider academics, personal goals, program cost, & attitudes towards diverse populations.

Questions to Ask Yourself


What kind of classes are ideal for you to take abroad: major, minor, or general education courses? 

Will you receive transfer credit or USC Aiken credit?

Have you discussed your study abroad plans with an academic advisor? Be sure to review your degree audit. 


What is the ideal classroom setting? Student populations on programs vary and may consist of all USC Aiken students and other Americans, primarily international students, or mainly local students from the host country.


What is your language competency? Most foreign language programs require intermediate level in the respective language. The majority of programs offer courses in English – even in non-traditional locations like South Africa, Hong Kong, Sweden, Turkey, the Czech Republic.


Is there a region or country that interests you? 

What cultural/social differences may exist in this country?

Have you considered how students from diverse backgrounds are perceived in the host country? Explore identity-based resources for guidance on dealing with diversity abroad.

Consider location: small town, university community or big city?

Warm or colder climate preferences?


Do you prefer to reside in a dormitory, apartment, or with a homestay family?

What are the standards of living in the host country?


What is the cost of living in the host country? Remember to consider program cost and resources for funding study abroad when making a program selection.

Level of Support

Are you interested in a more guided or independent experience? Consider the various types of programs based on your preferences.


Ready to Apply?

Have you already identified the program you would like to apply for? Start your application by contacting the Office of International Programs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..