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Student Judicial Process

Judicial Affairs

The University of South Carolina Aiken, as an institution of higher education, accepts its obligation to provide for its students, faculty, and staff an atmosphere that protects and promotes its educational mission and guarantees its effective operation. To accomplish these goals, the university requires certain standards of conduct. All students, faculty, and staff at the university share the responsibility to respect:

  • The fundamental rights of others as citizens;
  • The rights of others based upon the nature of the educational process;
  • The rights of the institution;
  • The rights of everyone to fair and equitable procedures for determining when and upon whom sanctions for violations of University standards should be imposed.

The Student Judicial Policy is the essential component in guaranteeing due process for students at the University of South Carolina Aiken.

This policy can be read in full in the Student Handbook, on pages 27-61.

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The policy describes procedures for addressing: 1) Violations of the Academic Code of Conduct; and 2) Violations of the Non-Academic Code of Conduct, including violations by student organizations. Each of these processes is addressed in a separate section of this document.

Procedures for redress in cases of sexual harassment are outlined in the USC Sexual Harassment Policy. Paper copies can be obtained from the Human Resources office.