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University Judicial Board

Judicial Affairs

The University Judicial Board (UJB) is a group of students and faculty who review cases in which there are alleged violations of the Academic or Non-Academic Code of Conduct in an effort to determine if a violation(s) took place and what appropriate sanction(s) should be assigned.

Membership of the University Judicial Board

The University Judicial Board is composed of the University Judicial Board chair, two faculty members, and one alternate selected from a pool of faculty chosen by the Campus Life Committee, and three students plus one alternate from a pool of students selected as described below :

  • Students interested in serving on the University Judicial Board should fill out an application available in the Student Life office. Out of all the applicants, an appropriate pool of students will be selected to serve by the Academic and Non-Academic Judicial officers and designees.
  • The University Judicial Board chair will be appointed to a two year term by the Campus Life Committee by April 30 each year from among the faculty members on the University Judicial Board. All board members will serve for one year, and they may be re-selected to serve consecutive terms.
  • A quorum will consist of the University Judicial Board chair, two faculty members, and two students.
  • Alternates should attend all proceedings until the UJB Chair feels that their service is no longer needed, but do not have voting status unless called upon to replace one of the members of the board during a hearing