Women using a laptop with Aiken Online logo overlayed
ACCT ACCT - Accounting
AFCI AFCI - Critical Inquiry
AFYS AFYS - First Year Seminar
ANTH ANTH - Anthropology
ARTH ARTH - Art History
ARTS ARTS - Art Studio
ASTR ASTR - Astronomy
ASUP ASUP - Academic Support Svcs
BADM BADM - Business Administration
BIOL BIOL - Biology
CHEM CHEM - Chemistry
COMM COMM - Communications
CRJU CRJU - Criminal Justice
CSCI CSCI - Computer Science
ECON ECON - Economics
EDEC EDEC - Early Childhood Educ
EDEL EDEL - Elementary Education
EDET EDET - Educational Technology
EDEX EDEX - Exceptional Children
EDFN EDFN - Foundations of Educ
EDPY EDPY - Educational Psychology
EDRD EDRD - Reading
EDRM EDRM - Research & Measurement
EDSE EDSE - Secondary Education
EDTE EDTE - Instr and Teacher Educ
EDUC EDUC - Education
ELCT ELCT - Electrical Engineering
ENCP ENCP - Engr and Computing
ENGL ENGL - English
EXSC EXSC - Exercise Science
FINA FINA - Finance
FREN FREN - French
GEOG GEOG - Geography
GEOL GEOL - Geology
GERM GERM - German
HIST HIST - History
HMSV HMSV - Human Services
HONS HONS - Honors
HPED HPED - Health Phy Educ and Rec
HSSI Humanities*
IDST IDST - Interdisciplnry Studies
ITAL ITAL - Italian
LAWS LAWS - Law School
MATH MATH - Mathematics
MGMT MGMT - Management
MKTG MKTG - Marketing
MUED MUED - Music Education
NURS NURS - Nursing
PHIL PHIL - Philosophy
PHYS PHYS - Physics
POLI POLI - Political Science
PSYC PSYC - Psychology
RELG RELG - Religious Studies
SOCY SOCY - Sociology
SPAN SPAN - Spanish
STAT STAT - Statistics
THEA THEA - Theatre

What is OneCarolina?

OneCarolina is University of South Carolina's multi-year project to modernize, streamline, and enhance academic and administrative services. This project will create an integrated digital community linking the entire university system.

Because the scope of this project covers every major aspect of university operation, implementation has been broken into modules: Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Services, Finance and Human Resources. Implementation of each module will occur on a schedule based on responsible ERP planning:

Ellucian Banner Systems

  • Admissions and Recruitment - Admissions will form the basis of the OneCarolina system, generating student records, more efficient validation processes, and tracking.
  • Financial Aid - Financial Aid will streamline the process for applying, managing, and administering financial aid.
  • Student Registration - A web-based system for accessing and maintaining student records, registration, and scheduling of classes.
  • Student AR & Enterprise Payment System (Cashiering)

PeopleSoft Systems

  • Finance - Streamlined financial operations is vital for the university. OneCarolina's PeopleSoft Finance system will provide efficient, cost-effective management of business and financial operations throughout the USC system.
  • Human Resources - OneCarolina’s HR system will provide University employment and benefits management through a secure, online portal. The HCM PeopleSoft Time/Labor and Absence Management system is scheduled to go live during summer 2021. This will replace the current ITAMS system.

Technology Services supports over 850 analog and IP phones (including facsimile machines, emergency call boxes, modems,  and other telephony devices) via an Avaya CM6 phone switch. We also manage voicemail, IVRs, call bridges/conferences, long distance billing, call management, and the UofSC Aiken switchboard. 

For assistance with voicemail, IVR setup and call bridges/conferences, please contact the Help Desk at extension 4357 (HELP), 803-641-3391, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For new phone orders, assistance with moving a phone, or phone repairs please contact Chris Lewis at extension 3695 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For calling card, phone billing, or switchboard assistance, please contact Shannon Doe at extension 3355 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Visit the Help Desk site for more information about phone procedures and setting up voicemail. 

Hardware Purchases through the University

USC Aiken Dell Premier Program

Students, parents, faculty and staff have access to special discounts from Dell on the purchase of new hardware and peripherals.

Discounts with this program can make a big difference in the price of your next computer purchase.

To take full advantage of available discounts, you may also want to consider joining the Dell Advantage Loyalty Program for 5% back in rewards and free 2nd day shipping!

Using your discount is easy! Just go to: www.dell.com/USCA and make your purchase. No further verification is required.

Other Hardware Discounts

Faculty, staff and students can also take advantage of educational discount pricing when purchasing computer hardware.

Many of the most popular hardware vendors, such as Apple, currently offer discounts through USC, For information on purchasing hardware through their programs please see USC's University Technology Services page: http://uts.sc.edu/computerpurchase/

However, please keep in mind that many hardware vendors also offer discounts on hardware for educational purposes. To see if your preferred vendor offers these discounts to you, please refer to the educational pricing and programs section of their respective website. In many cases the only requirement to receive these discounts is access to your USC Aiken email address.

Software Purchases through the University

Microsoft Office 365 for Students

Student may download a free full version of Office 365. Office 365 can then be installed on up to five different devices including Windows and Mac computers, iPads, and iOS, Android and Windows phones.

For more information, please see the Office 365 section on the Help Desk site.

Other Software

UofSC Aiken faculty, staff and students are eligible to purchase many software packages (including: Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows) at deep educational discounts through USC Columbia's Technology Services.

For more information on purchasing software through these programs, please visit USC's University Technology Services website at: http://uts.sc.edu/softwarepurchase/

As always, feel free to contact us at the Help Desk if you need assistance.

Technology Services supports over 1,500 computers. Approximately 75% of the computers are Windows and 25% are Macintosh. Windows support is provided for Windows 7 and 10. Macintosh support is provided for OS X 10.9+. Technology Services maintains the hardware, operating system, core software, and peripheral items such as printers.

Each year our goal is to replace at least 25% of the total computers in order to maintain a high level of performance and reliability. Most computer replacement is done in the summer between spring and fall semesters. Technology Services uses imaging and management tools to efficiently load, distribute and support the computers.

If you need assistance in purchasing hardware or peripherals including new computers or upgrades, printers, etc, please contact the Help Desk at extension 4357 (HELP), 803-641-3391, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..