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BS in Applied Computer Science

Mathematical Sciences

About Applied Computer Science at USC Aiken

Applied Computer Science students learn how to work with data structures, algorithmic design, information security, software engineering, and take courses on discrete math and survey of calculus.

The Applied Computer Science degree has three options : an Applied Gaming concentration, a Cybersecurity concentration, or no concentration.

Applied Gaming Concentration

Students pursuing the Applied Computer Science degree with a concentration in Applied Gaming learn how to design virtual and augmented reality learning environments, using programming (python, object-oriented), graphics, computer organization, physics engines, haptics, 3D and animation, educational design (development, evaluation), physics, and psychology (sensation, perception).


Students pursuing the Applied Computer Science degree with a concentration in Cybersecurity learn to protect data, programs, and networks by developing skills in programming (python), network security, communications, database management, cryptography, operating systems, ethical hacking, secure software engineering, cyber defense, digital forensics, and cyber ethics.

Applied Computer Science (no concentration)

Students pursuing the Applied Computer Science degree learn a broad set of computer science skills useful in any industry: programming (python, object-oriented, system-level), web development, mobile applications, graphics, networks, communications, database design and programming, and linear algebra.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for graduates exist mainly in the computer services industry, both locally and nationwide.

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