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Portfolio Information

As the culminating assignment in your Master’s degree, you will create, curate, and reflect on a digital portfolio that aligns your projects, experiences, and growth with the standards of our program.

We will use similar instructional design phases for this portfolio assignment as are used in many of the core program courses (EDET 603, EDET 793, EDET 650).  Additionally, you will use the technology skills developed specifically in EDET 603, EDET 703, and EDET 746. During the last semester of the program, you will enroll in EDET 793 where you will finalize your portfolio and present to the program faculty in a web-based oral presentation.

Throughout the process you will evaluate your own progress. Additionally, consult with your advisor regarding program growth, requirements, as well as additional questions.

Students may organize their portfolio as they wish, making certain that the requirements are addressed. Students will need to acquire a domain and website hosting to house their portfolio, and must use a web design program with HTML editing capabilities. It is highly recommended that you work on this a little at a time and do not wait until enrollment in EDET 793.

At the conclusion of EDET 793, you will present your portfolio with a web-based software (e.g. Google Hangouts, Adobe Connect, Zoom). In addition, to the presentation of your portfolio, you will also be asked questions (a) about your portfolio, (b) decision-making and technical aspects of your portfolio, (c) technical skills you have learned throughout your Master’s program, and (d) broader questions about your learning. The expectations are for you to produce the highest quality professional products that represent your knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward the achievement of a Master’s degree in Educational Technology.

See Handout for Portfolio Requirements

Professional Presentation Information

At some point during your matriculation in the program, candidates will conduct professional presentations at a professional conference in order to communicate best practices related to applying appropriate technology resources. Often candidates present together and/or with faculty in the program.

Examples of regional conferences include the South Carolina EdTech Conference; the Upstate Technology Conference; Aiken County Schools TechFest. National conferences include the AECT and ISTE among others.