Front Entrance of UofSC Aiken

Digital Signage

University Marketing and Communication


The USC Aiken Marketing Department acts as administrator of the digital signage system, which is comprised of several screens located around the University campus.  Digital signage is found in the following locations:

  • Penland Administration Building
  • Sciences Building

  • Nursing Building

  • Etherredge Center

  • Humanities & Social Sciences Building

  • Library

  • Student Activities Center

  • Business & Education Building

  • Wellness Center

  • Children's Center

  • Pacer Commons

  • Pacer Crossings


Please review the following guidelines listed below before submitting a slide to post.  Failure to adhere to guidelines may affect the timely display of your slide.  In addition, we may not be able to accommodate a request if not given an adequate notice.

  • Digital signage is primarily intended for use by USC Aiken recognized student groups and University departments. Slides must advertise USC Aiken sponsored events only.  No personal events, sales or advertisements will be accepted.  Personal events include, but are not limited to, parties, yard sales and birthdays.

  • For events, slides must include the following: the sponsoring organization of the event, event name, location, date and time as well as any necessary information such as costs, contact information, registration, etc.

  • Submissions must be made at least five business days in advance of the event date. Failure to give proper time to post the slide may result in the slide not being displayed. Exceptions may be made dependent on departmental needs.

  • The marketing department has the right to review and approve or deny all slides submitted.

  • The marketing department may refuse slides based on content, language, pictures, images, or references to alcohol.

  • Slides must comply with established University logo standards.

  • Messages that include the copyrighted or trademarked works of others will not be posted without written permission.

  • The slide will be displayed for approximately 10 seconds at a time. Fonts should be easy for viewers to read.  Please limit the amount of text, and make the text as large as possible.

  • Please proofread slides before submitting.

Graphics Specifications

  • Dimensions : 4:3 Ratio, 1400 x 1050px

  • File Type : PNG is preferred, but JPG/JPEG, GIF (including animated), and TIFF are also supported.

Slides may be created in Powerpoint, using the Standard (4:3) dimensions. By default, Powerpoint uses Widescreen format; you can change this setting in the Design tab.

Video Specifications

  • Dimensions : 4:3 ratio, at least 1400px x 1050px

  • File Type Supported : MP4

  • Maximum File Size : up to 250MB

  • Recommended Length : 20 seconds or less

Please remove all audio tracks from videos, and add captions for any dialogue that occurs in the video.

Process for Submitting Slides to Marketing

  • Send all slide submissions to the Website Specialist at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Slide submissions should include the following :

    • The slide file as an attachment

    • A specific start date and end date.

    • Location(s) for displaying each slide