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If you have any suggestions for expanding the available information, or would like to request a tutorial on a specific subject, please send your request to

Training & Support

Need assistance with the CMS, or would like to request a web project from University Marketing and Communication?

Request a Web Project

Form for requesting web projects from the Web Coordinator.

Request Web Associate Training

Form for requesting training for a new or existing web associate.

Troubleshoot Common Issues

Common issues that web associates occasionally face, and how to resolve them.


This section contains instructions on how to use the CMS system, general guidelines for content, and tutorials on how to use widgets to easily add interactive content.

Manual for Web Associates

Basic guide on using our CMS system to update your department's web pages.

Guide to Using Smartsheet

Basic guide on website forms and how to view submitted data using Smartsheet. 

Guide to Templates

List of templates (with corresponding photos) that are used on the USC Aiken website.


Step by step instructions on how to use widgets or perform advanced editing in the CMS.

Widget Demonstrations

Demonstrations for various widgets, so that you can see live versions of content that has been added with a widget.

Content Strategy

Best Practices

Guidelines on file organization, fonts, and naming your content.

Website Organization

Guidelines for standardization of site organization.

Web Accessibility Guidelines

How to make your content accessible to those with disabilities.