Website Organization


Below are guidelines regarding site organization. These guidelines also suggest what kind of content should be included in a department's website.

Please note that not all the suggested categories can fit on the horizontal menu.

Suggested Organization for Academic Departments



  • index page


  • (optional)Why Study (area of study)?
  • Mission/Objectives
  • Faculty Profiles (directory)
  • Faculty Accomplishments (recent grants, publications, etc)
  • Contact Us
  • (optional) Student Testimonials
  • (optional) Community Partnerships


  • What Can I Do With This Major?
  • link to Career Services at USC Aiken
  • (optional) Advice from Grads
  • (optional) Where Are They Now? (updates on alumni)


  • Page for each degree
  • Minors
  • Advisement Checklists
  • (optional) Course Descriptions
  • (optional) Required projects / internships
  • (optional) Honor Society associated with department

RESEARCH (optional)

  • Research Opportunities
  • Forms
  • Center for Research Excellence (link)
  • Seminar Schedule


  • (optional) Scholarships
  • Student Organizations
  • Internships
  • Research
  • Programs (Study Abroad, etc)


  • (optional) Student Handbook (department-specific)
  • (optional) Workshops
  • (optional) Useful Links
  • Tutoring (link to Academic Success Center)

ALUMNI (optional)

  • Where Are They Now? (updates on recent grads)
  • Update Your Record (link to form on Alumni Relations website)

MULTIMEDIA (optional)

  • Photo Galleries
  • Video

FAQ (optional)

EVENTS (optional)

NEWS (optional)

  • Department Newsletter
  • Faculty News
  • Student News