Widgets are used to add complex content, such as slideshows and videos. Using a widget is quick, easy and does not require coding knowledge.

Below is a list of all available widgets :

File Repository

File repositories display links to files (such as pdfs) that are within a specific folder. This widget is useful for tasks that involve uploading a large number of files and then linking each one; for example, links to syllabi.

See Demo | See Tutorial

Internal News Articles

News articles appear in the OOC Newsletter and can also be displayed on departmental websites.

See Tutorial 

Photo Gallery

Photo galleries display thumbnails of photos that have been uploaded to a specific folder. When clicked, a pop-up window appears; the photo is then displayed at full resolution, with a caption. The pop-up window also has a section with sharing buttons for Facebook and Twitter.

See Demo | See Tutorial


Slideshows display photos that have been uploaded to a specific folder. There are several sizes available; large slideshows are used on the home pages of department websites, while smaller slideshows are good for inserting along with text content.

See Demo | See Tutorial

Testimonials by Students

This displays random testimonials from current or former students. Using this widget requires entering Testimonials content (see Tutorial).

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Twitter Feed

This displays a Twitter feed from a specific Twitter account.

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YouTube Video

This embeds a YouTube video directly on a page.

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