Mathematics Placement Test

General Information 

The purpose of the mathematics placement test is to assess each student’s ability in mathematics and help place him/her in the proper initial mathematics course. 

The mathematics placement test is required for all incoming students who plan to enroll in Math 108 (Applied College Algebra) or above. Since Applied College Algebra is required for many of the programs of study on campus, it will be necessary for most incoming freshmen to take the mathematics placement test.

Students who have scored a 3, 4, or 5 on the Educational Testing Service Calculus Advanced Placement (AP) Exam will not need to take the mathematics placement test.

Transfer Students:

A transfer student who has already earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college does not have to take the placement test.

A transfer student who receives transfer credit for MATH 108 or higher (excluding MATH 170, MATH 221 and MATH 222) does not take the placement test and may proceed to the next mathematics course required for his/her major. Courses that transfer as statistics courses with the STAT prefix do not qualify as mathematics courses for placement purposes.

Test Instructions

You must establish your blackboard account before accessing the math placement test. Click on the following link for blackboard instruction .

The Mathematics Placement Test consists of two parts: Algebra Test, and Trigonometry Test. The Algebra Test has three portions, you must obtain a sufficient score on each portion before being allowed to begin the next portion. If you successfully complete one portion, you may choose to take the next portion immediately or at a later time. If you successfully complete Algebra Test Part I and Part II,  you may take the Trigonometry Test.  You are allowed 60 minutes for each portion of the Algebra Test, and 90 minutes for the Trigonometry Test.

Calculators are not permitted! All answers are multiple-choice. Answer each question as it appears and click the right arrow button to go to the next question. Do not use the browser’s Back button to navigate to previous questions. Instead, use the left arrow button to go back. The amount of time remaining to complete the test is displayed along with each question. Click the submit button only when you are completely finished. You may pause between tests if you take more than one test.

After you have submitted your test, your results will be displayed.

If you are not satisfied with your score on a test, you may retake the test any time after your first attempt. You may retake any portion of the test only once.

All students begin with Algebra Test Part I. Please click the following link "Take me to the test" to log into blackboard. Once you log in, under My Organization , click USCA MathPlacement Test. Carefully read all instructions on the Announcement page before beginning the test.

Take Me To The Test   

What does my score mean?

 USCA Math Placement Test Score Interpretation on SSC

Algebra Test Result

Trigonometry Test Result

The student may take any of the courses listed below appropriate for the major.


Student must complete MATH 104 with a grade of C or better before enrolling in MATH 108.

MATH 102
MATH 103
MATH 104
MATH 221


Student has the MATH 104 prerequisite. Student must complete MATH 108 with a grade of C or better as a prerequisite to other math courses in the major.

Any of the above courses and/or MATH 108


Student has the MATH 108 prerequisite.

Any of the above courses and/or
MATH 122
MATH 170
MATH 111
MATH 112
MATH 222
STAS 201

Students with MPT Code 4 whose major requires MATH 141 (Calculus I) should also take Trigonometry Test.


Student has the MATH 111 prerequisite.

Any of the above courses



Student has the MATH 112 prerequisite.

Any of the above courses



*Students with MPT Codes 5 and P may enroll in MATH 141 (Calculus I).